It’s 2014, should tattoos and modifications be accepted?

I believe they shouldn’t be accepted, unless taken out or not visible at all. It doesn’t matter what year it is. Time will never change, it’s people who change society. In a professional atmosphere there is no room for distractions like body art or body modifications. The business world is serious. I think that if you really want a higher paying professional job then there is no time for this. Appearance is the key to success in most places.

Freedom of Speech?

I do understand that some people may say, “Well, this is America, and I am allowed to express myself either in tattoos/piercings.” Well, that is totally fine with me, but I have actually seen offensive tattoos on some people. How do you expect to get a decent job when you don’t look decent? That’s just my opinion. If you want to get a visible tattoo/piercing, I would probably recommend thinking about it twice because it does have an effect in the workplace.